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Flagle is a Wordle spin-off with the challenge of guessing a country through their flag over six attempts instead of guessing an English word. This is a game for those who are knowledgeable about geography and love to learn about the flags of countries around the world. Flagle is now free here and you can play it across web browsers.


Online Flagle Game

The player's challenge in Flagle is to guess which country's hidden flag is in up to 6 guesses. The flag will be divided into 6 puzzle pieces, through each guess, clues will be provided. Specifically, through each of your guesses, a piece of the flag will be flipped open, and simultaneously the distance between the country you guessed and the target country as well as the geographical position of the target country compared to the guessed will also be revealed. If you find the correct answer, the game will show you your stats and allow you to share the result on social media. Similar to Wordle, Flagle only offers one puzzle per day.

If you feel familiar with Wordle's challenge and are looking for something new, Flagle is an ideal alternative.

You can play alone as a way to relax after stressful hours or play with friends to see who can find the country in the fewest attempts.


How to Play Flagle?

Flagle is played by many people due to its simplicity and practicality. Playing Flagle regularly also teaches you geography, helps you recognize the flags of countries around the world, and understand the distance between different countries.

Are you attracted to Flagle? And do you know how to play the game? Read on for a guide to play Flagle. Your task is to guess the name of a country based on clues about that country's flag.

1. Start by typing a random country name in the box and press ENTER

A piece of the flag will be flipped open shortly afterward and the game simultaneously provides you with the geographical distance between the country you guessed and the country to look for.

2. Based on the color or pattern of a puzzle piece of the opened flag and the distance clue provided to make the next guess.

3. Repeat the above step until you find the country that owns that flag.


After winning the game, the player is allowed to share the result on social networking sites. Nevertheless, each of the attempts will be illustrated in one specific color without revealing Flagle's today answer. This helps to make the game more appealing and piques the interest of the other players, both of which contribute to the game's overall success.

Are you prepared to meet the challenge that Flagle has set for you? Come and test your knowledge of the world's flags and geography right now. The only thing required to play the game is a mobile device or a computer; it does not cost anything.

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