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Contexto Unlimited

The Context Game is a variation of the game Wordle in which the player must guess a word from an endless number of guesses and get a hint of the context resemblance to the hidden word. In this version of the game, the player also receives a hint of the context similarity to the hidden word.

As you make a guess, artificial intelligence examines your prediction by looking at it in the context of hundreds of other texts. It then demonstrates the degree of similarity and contextual relevance that exists between your prediction and the last word.

In contrast to Wordle, this game is not about correct spelling or locating the appropriate letter. Meanings and parallels in their respective contexts are of the utmost importance. The straightforward yet very engaging gameplay of scenario games has contributed to the genre's meteoric rise to prominence. In addition to that, it comes with a variety of personalization options for players to choose from.

How to play

- To play the game, type any word into the text box and then press Enter.

- You will see a number after you submit a word. This number shows how much your word and the secret word are alike. The closer you get to the secret word, the less the number. And in the same way, the further away you are from the secret word, the higher it is.

- With this number, you can try many more times until you find the right Contexto for the day.

You can play Guess as many times as you want.

Every day there is a puzzle, and it starts over at midnight. So come back every day to solve a new word.

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